Username: Zeek7 (feel free to friend me, I'm so lonely)

So I thought I'd just try and get the ball rolling here. Since I find it difficult as hell to get trades going since no one accepts friend requests.

My invite code is YT1EWU6 btw, feel free to use it to score a random 3* unit

The following are my deadman, I'm not crazy about trading certain ones (Joan of Arc), but I'm willing to listen to offers: the following are all my viable deadman. I also have a GC account and am willing to attempt a cross trade via gifting. I have 5* Frankenstein lvl 20 something and a handful of 4* and a 5* deadman titan lvl 30.

Joan of Arc 5*: Lvl 35 Average (no bonuses but no weaknesses)

Claw (Scratch +1)

Flesh Rend (Scratch +2)

Gore Frenzy (Strike +3)

Rose Gardner 4*: Lvl 26 Fresh (Bonus health, good for enticers)

Claw (Scratch +1)

Entice (Charmer +1)

Pincer Hulk 4* Lvl 30 Strong (Boosted atk lowered Intel, good since he's a big bruiser with higher atk anyway)

Beatdown (Strike +2)

D20-Cell Mutation (Def +20%)

High Voltage (Shocker +2)

Death Eye 4*  Lvl 32 Quick (Lowered health, boosted speed, good since he's a glass cannon atker anyway)

Claw (Scratch +1)

Flesh Rend (Scratch +2)

Infestation (Leecher +2)

Rafflesia 3* Lvl 15 Perfect (all stats boosted 10%, the best you can get)

I10 Cell-Decoposition (INT -10%)

D10- Cell Mutionation (DEF +10%)

Moth 3* Lvl 15 Perfect (all stats boosted 10%, the best you can get)

D10-Cell Decomposition (Def -10%)

Gust (slash +1)

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