• Danfisher121

    Hello all!!
    I have 2 Virulent Shakespeares (lvl 1) and a virulent Lolipop Goth (lvl 22) that i want to trade for any 5* that is not virulent or pestilent in nature. i am not particular as to the type, just want some that i can put into my normal boneyard hoarde.
    I also have multiple 4* that i am willing to trade for 5* as well:
    Dr. Salvador-mental-lvl1
    Roman Charioteer-quick-lvl 1
    Invisible Man- Mental-lvl1
    Sun Wukong-average-lvl3
    Consulting detective-tough-lvl1
    Navy Seal-strong-lvl 36
    Locust Legs-average-lvl1
    Death Eye-tough-lvl1
    In game ID is Vesper86. Send me a friend request or a trade suggestion and i will accept or decline promptly!!

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