Rarity Rare Rarity
Strain Screamer Strain
Spawn Area 1st Invite-a-Friend
Shape Beast Shape
Catalog Collection No. 900000
Card No. 00a002
Description Some sixty million years without a a bite to eat have done nothing to make this tyrant lizard's appetite any less ravenous. And that was when it only had one mouth to feed.
Links Deadman's Cross Cards
Extra Info UntradableAverage Type small
-00a003--Tyrannosaurus Rex-
Ability Effect Psyche
ClawScratch +1150
S20-Cell NecrosisSPD -20%300
Flesh RendScratch +2300
Skull ShatterClears buffs on enemy300
Raking NailsScratch +3600
Normal stats Health Psyche Attack Defense Speed Intelligence
Level 1 Average 795 632 825 683 763 622
Max Average (100%) 1987 1580 2062 1707 1907 1555
Max Average Boosted 2384 1896 2474 2048 2288 1866
Max Boost Points 397 316 412 341 381 311

Strain vs Strain Table
Screamer Strain Table

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