Rarity Rare Rarity
Strain Shocker Strain
Spawn Area 1st Invite-a-Friend
Shape Male Shape
Catalog Collection No. 900000
Card No. 00a001
Description "Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. There is no other reasoning." -Hagakure
Links Deadman's Cross Cards
Extra Info UntradableAverage Type small
Ability Effect Psyche
ClawScratch +1150
Flesh RendScratch +2300
D10-Cell MetabolismDEF +10%100
Raking NailsScratch +3600
I10-Cell DecompositionINT -10%150
Normal stats Health Psyche Attack Defense Speed Intelligence
Level 1 Average 791 641 737 801 652 698
Max Average (100%) 1977 1602 1842 2002 1630 1745
Max Average Boosted 2372 1922 2210 2402 1956 2094
Max Boost Points 395 320 368 400 326 349

Strain vs Strain Table
Shocker Strain Table

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