Rarity Rare Rarity
Strain Charmer Strain
Spawn Area 2nd Invite-a-Friend
Shape Female Shape
Catalog Collection No. 900001
Card No. 00a005
Description Short shorts and bikini top - every man on the track used to drool over her ample bosom. Now she's eating amply from theirs.
Links Deadman's Cross Cards
Extra Info UntradableAverage Type small
Pit Babe
Ability Effect Psyche
PulverizeStrike +1150
D10-Cell DecompositionDEF -10%150
BeatdownStrike +2300
I10-Cell MetabolismINT +10%100
EnticeCharmer +1150
Normal stats Health Psyche Attack Defense Speed Intelligence
Level 1 Average 705 800 615 732 788 726
Max Average (100%) 1762 2000 1537 1830 1970 1815
Max Average Boosted 2114 2400 1844 2196 2364 2178
Max Boost Points 352 400 307 366 394 363

Strain vs Strain Table
Charmer Strain Table

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