Rarity Rare Rarity
Strain Charmer Strain
Spawn Area 1st Invite-a-Friend
Shape Female Shape
Catalog Collection No. 900000
Card No. 00a000
Description A terrible clawing at the door raked her ears as she trembled in the confessional. And so did she pass the last days of man spitting fevered curses at the god she once served.
Links Deadman's Cross Cards
Extra Info UntradableAverage Type small
Ability Effect Psyche
EnticeCharmer +1150
S10-Cell DecompositionSPD -10%150
I10-Cell DecompositionINT -10%150
D10-Cell DecompositionDEF -10%150
I10-Cell MetabolismINT +10%100
Normal stats Health Psyche Attack Defense Speed Intelligence
Level 1 Average 666 800 684 638 753 821
Max Average (100%) 1665 2000 1710 1595 1882 2052
Max Average Boosted 1998 2400 2052 1914 2258 2462
Max Boost Points 333 400 342 319 376 410

Strain vs Strain Table
Charmer Strain Table

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